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Wel-Dun Air & Water Systems strives to make sure your industrial, commercial and residential air and water systems produce the cleanest quality air and water to keep you living a healthier & better life. Serving The Capital Region to the Adirondacks

 The Water Quality Research Foundation just published a study which shows that softened water in a dishwasher leads to cleaner dishes that also look better. The study tested a variety of dried on foods. On all cases , the softened water did a better job cleaning the dishes. Softened water leads to cleaner dishes while using half as much detergent than hard water. Your showerheads will no longer get clogged and your pressure when you shower will imrove. 

Besides saving money softened water will provide:

  1. Beautiful fixtures
  2. Brighter clothes
  3. Clog-free plumbing
  4. Cleaner house
  5. Better quality of life

You can rely on your professional water well dealer for constant water pressure. Wel-Dun can get you better pressure from your well without having to do any new drilling.  Currently serving The Adirondacks, Albany, Clifton Park, Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George and Surrounding Areas

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