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2010 Fall Style Guide

Girls Shopping in Glens Falls NY

This fall send your child back to school with the latest trends! This season it is easy to dress in the fall 2010 fashion and you don't have to travel far to shop or spend too much money to achieve the look.

Your child will have fun and express themselves. The Back to School 2010 trends to look for are Layered Clothing, Vintage Inspired Clothing, and Accessories.

More is betterLayers: Dressing in layers is not only a good idea due to the variation in temperature of fall weather, but also allows your child to achieve a cool look. Layering a cropped cardigan over a floral -printed shirt creates a super cute look!

Out with the old, in with the old looking? Vintage: This fall look for distressed vintage clothing to be in style. Worn tee-shirts are a must and military inspired jackets and hats are all the rage! Also, search for tops with lace detailing to achieve the look.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Jewelry: Spice up your wardrobe this fall. Using accessories can take any outfit from boring to funky. It can also allow a top to be worn more than once and achieve a completely different look. This season look for scarves to be in. They also add to the layering effect, so you can't go wrong!

3 Back to School Must Haves For Girls:

  • Military Jacket: Look for a green or sand colored. These jackets are light and good for fall weather. They can also be short and cropped or to the belt.
  • Funky Jewelry: Have a little fun this fall with funky jewelry. Add some inexpensive jewelry to your wardrobe and it instantly spices up your look. Try some mismatched bracelets.
  • A Great Pair of Flats: Find a pair that is comfortable and cute. Flats can be worn with a skirt or pants making them very versatile.

3 Back to School Must Haves For Boys:

  • Good pair of jeans: Every boy needs a good pair of jeans that not only are comfortable but also fit correctly. Most boys don't like shop let alone venture into dressing rooms but having them try on pants before buying is worth the effort.
  • Cool tees: They are comfortable and stylish. T-shirts require minimal effort and are perfect for school.
  • Dress shirt: you never know when a button down shirt will be needed. Whether for a sports dinner or unexpected event it is always good to be prepared.

Remember shopping before the crowd is always a good idea. It allows you the chance to get those hot items before they sell out and will give you more size and color choices. Stores are already putting out their fall items, so its never too early to head on over to the Aviaton Mall and get started!

Looking for more shopping venues? Want to find unique gifts and specialty items not available at the mall? See all the places you can Shop in Glens Falls!

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