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Whitehall NY

Any cursory passerby in Whitehall NY would wonder at its claim to be the birthplace of the U.S. Navy - which is proudly displayed on the signs of this inland town. Ask any resident, and they will tell you it's actually an interesting and true story.

Benedict Arnold, before he turned coats, constructed ships to use in naval battles against the British in Whitehall (then called Skenesborough). Unfortunately, the surviving vessels were destroyed after returning to the area to keep them from falling in the hands of the enemy, but the legacy and Whitehall's claim to be the birthplace of the navy remained.

This is just one chapter of American history of which Whitehall is a part; there are many more, and if historical stories seem a bore, the present-day town and village with its numerous attractions, geographical sites and sights, and proximity to Vermont, make it a vivacious modern New York town.