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Glens Falls Animal Hospital

66 Glenwood Avenue
Queensbury, NY 12804


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13 reviews from our community

Dr. Laura was extremely compassionate in my time or sorrow. I had to send Spike on his next journey. I have had him for nearly 17 years, he was more of a Cat Dog than just a Cat. Dr. Laura definitely helped me thru this event and offered a Pet Taxi for his ride. We talked a bit during the process. I felt better afterwards.

Thank you Dr. Laura

Lawrence Knox

I have been bringing my elderly cat to GF Animal Hospital since my regular vet of 15 years could not fit in an urgent appointment. They got me in same
day at GFAH and have been extremely accommodating with my cat’s declining health and necessary care since. Tonight(a Sunday nonetheless!) I thought it was the end. I called the answering service and a very nice lady had me in touch with Dr. John, who met us at the clinic within minutes. We see Dr. John regularly and I can’t say enough about the care and compassion that man has for his patients and their families. He worked a miracle and turned a euthanasia into a 9th life for my cat. He got her to eat and I had tried everything! He is truly a godsend and heals those in his care with such intuition, compassion and genuine care. I won’t go anywhere else now. If you have a fur baby and are looking for the best, Dr. John is it!

We cannot thank them enough for their kindness, compassion and generosity to everyone there! They made what was a very tragic and stressful situation go as smooth and quickly as possible. They really do care and showed it in multiple ways! Thank you again for everything! ❤️ Clark Family

We had an absolute emergency late Sunday afternoon, and they were the only vet with an answering service. The Dr. I unfortunately do not remember his name, as things were very hectic, The Dr. met us within 20 mins at the Vet!!! You could tell he was having a wonderful day that day, and he took the time out and rushed over to the vet for us, We will from here on out take our animals to Glens Falls Animal Hospital! Our family cannot thank this Dr. enough for the things he did.

I have been bringing my cat Kitty since I got her and she is 14. We had a scare this week and thought she was going to die. She was very sick. They took such great care of her ! I brought her home today thanks for to them for making her better!! I can't say enough great things about this clinic. I won't ever go anywhere else!!!

My cat was diagnosed with stomach cancer ten months ago today, which is also Valentine's Day. Dr.Bob and Dr. John and ALL the staff have made these months with her less stressful and more comfortable than I could have believed possible. Through scheduled and emergency visits and frantic calls, everyone has been kind, caring, informative and knowledgeable. I start each day with Jellybellybean knowing we can handle whatever happens because they are and always will be available. My gratitude is boundless. Thank you🙏 all more than I can say. Events

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