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Haviland Cove

Bush Street Glens Falls, NY 12801


Enjoy Haviland Cove Beach & Park in Glens Falls, where you can swim on a beach, picnic, play on a playground, or check out nearby hiking trails.

Located right along the Hudson River, Haviland Cove Beach & Park is a great place for water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing. There is also a picnic/barbecue pavilion, playground, softball field, and areas for a picnic.

Please be prepared to show proof of Warren County residency. 

Please note: the swimming area is closed for the 2022 season, due to a dam maintenance project.

Location: Off of Bush Street in Glens Falls, NY

Cost: Free

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5 reviews from our community

Two young men life guards were more worried about talking to each rather than watching the water. The parents would notice a child drowning more than they would. What is even the point of having lifeguards if they aren't going to do their job. Very dissatisfied. Also the whole no goggles with nose pieces is absurd. It is meant to keep the water out of people's noses!!!

We used to like going here with our child. The lifeguards had no reason to close the dock after the children were using it for numerous days before. Yes I know they opened the dam.. but several days after that they had no reason to keep it closed during certain times. Other than for almost 6 of them to sit on a picnic table and play on their phones.. While only one lifeguard was in a tower and watching the waters and children. They picked and chose whom was able to have dogs in the water, what kids could have toys on beach and floaties in the water!! I watched them pop a child's arm floaties and two at a child for toys in water sheet they allowed it!! I personally walked around the beach and picked up garbage from the waters, sand, playground. I was told I couldn't walk in the roped off area next to the swimming area if I waited to swim?!! These lifeguards were rude and were talking about me next to my son. They were vaping while all sitting on their butts not working at the pavilion picnic table!! Disturbing and disgusting. My shoes were stolen also from teenagers there l. got them back and they had the audacity to say they were theirs?!!

We grew up spending our summers here and having family birthday parties here. I'm so upset over the fact that I'm not allowed to come here with my grandchildren anymore to spend time with family that are Warren County residents still. Terrible rule. I suggest a fee for out of town residents, not banning everyone. 🤷‍♀️

Is this still Warren County residents only?

So we had been going there all summer and suddenly it's a rule that have to live in Washington County to go there? It's not listed on the sign with the rules or on the website

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