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Haviland Cove

Bush Street Glens Falls, NY 12801


Haviland Cove Park & Beach is a beautiful destination in Warren County, NY. Centrally located off of Exit 18 in Glens Falls.

Located right along the Hudson River, Haviland Beach is a great place for water activities such as swimming, boating, kayaking, or fishing. Camping is a popular activity in this Glens Falls park because of its excellent amenities.

The campgrounds are close to picnic areas, pavilions, walking trails, playground for kids, and next to the Haviland Cove Beach with a beach house available, as well. 

Location: Off of Bush Street in Glens Falls, NY

Cost: Free

Activities: Fishing, swimming, boating, walking, camping Amenities: Public beach, pavilions, campgrounds, picnic tables, playgrounds, beach house, restrooms (summer). The park also connects with the Feeder Canal Trail.

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8 reviews from our community

Great secret hidden beach. Had a great time with the family.

Staff was so rude and disrespectful. They need to learn some respect. Seriously they ruined my birthday

Was. Not a positive experience. The life guards were very rude and more concerned about talking to each other at picknic tables than doing their job. Bathrooms were not clean.

Was. Not a positive experience. The life guards were very rude and more concerned about talking to each other at picknic tables than doing their job. Bathrooms were not clean.

This beach is fine. The bathrooms are nice, playground is in the shade, my kids are always excited to go. You can cook out with charcoal (If that's your thing) and plenty of picnic tables to use. The best part is it is free. When ever I am there I never see any garbage. If there is I would blame the visitors (just don't be slobs!) As for the life guards hanging out before the beach opens......i don't know about you but when I get to work early I don't start working for free. They can't hang out before start of shift?!? The dock probably has regulations on it as well. Who knows what NYS dreamt up for rules about that! Today it is closed because the water is too shallow (that seems reasonable). The hours are more than fare considering they are about average ...a lot of pools are 12-6. As far as goggles go, most places won't allow them with nose peices and there are restrictions with floatations as well, depending on where you go. may have to actually watch your kid. For a free beach to cool off and relax I think it is a great place to go and it is close by no fighting the traffic or vacationers in Lake George. So get off your high horse and stop in!

Brought my nephews for all of our first times here and I have to say we will never return again. First of all the beach doesn't open until 11am and there was about 6-7 lifeguards there (no exaggeration, I counted. There was one with a staff shirt on and that's why I'm not sure if it's 6 or 7). They are all sitting at a picnic table and when the beach finally opens they close the dock, saying they'll open it in about an hour or so. Then one of my nephews likes to wear goggles and they told him he couldn't bring them in the water. They both wanted to use there tiny kick boards too and were also told we couldn't bring these in. There is garbage in the sand and parking lot. As stated in a previous comment maybe the lifeguards who were sitting at the table should get off their butts and clean it up. They were also using language that wasn't really appropriate for the fact that they are at a public beach with children everywhere.

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