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United Way Provides Free Tax Preparation

How does free tax preparation sound? Too good to be true? It’s not! If you are a resident of Warren or Washington County and make under $48,362/year you could qualify for free tax preparation.

The United Way has partnered with trained IRS Certified local volunteers to offer you the benefits of their expertise without the added costs. Not only will the United Way prepare your State and Federal Taxes at the same time, but they will also electronically file them for free. With daytime, evening, and weekend appointments, as well as direct deposit of your refund, this is the perfect option for all who qualify.

Last year this program helped to bring $2.2 Million to families in our two counties and the United Way hopes to do more this year. If you qualify, or know anyone that qualifies, please contact 1-800-211-5128 to make an appointment and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.