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Mollie's Mason Jar

Co-Owners Of New Mollie's Mason Jar Know Recipe For Success

Hadley, NY - "Love conquers all" could be the new motto at Mollie's Mason Jar. At least that is what the new owners are hoping for. Mollie's Mason Jar is now under the ownership of John McAuley and LikLing Khoo, a long-term couple that until now had seperate ventures in terms of their careers.

LikLing Khoo is the former owner of The Baker's Dream, which was located on Upper Glen Street in Queensbury. John McAuley was a Chef at the Algonquin in Bolton Landing. They decided that if they worked together they could create the best food experience for their customers. While this may be the first business venture the couple has focused on together it is not the first time they've worked together. Khoo mentioned that McAuley did help her when she opened The Baker's Dream.

Mollie's Mason Jar is a realization of a lifelong dream for both McAuley and Khoo , not only owning their own restaurant but owning it together.

While the loss of Khoo's baking at The Baker's Dream is sad, her customers can look forward to the new food that will be offered at Mollie's Mason Jar, as well as a hopeful return to baking for Khoo once the restaurant is more established.

Mollie's Mason Jar is an already established business, serving comfort foods until 3pm. McAuley and Khoo have decided to open the restaurant for dinner, Thursday through Saturday 6:30 AM - 8:00 PM, as well as Sunday through Wednesday 6:30 AM - 4:00 PM