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Warren-Washington C.A.R.E. Center

The Warren-Washington CARE Center has been a wonderful program to help children affected by traumatic events in their lives. The Children's Advocacy Resource Education (CARE) Center was started in 2003 by the already existing Warren Washington Counties Child Fatality Review Team, and has been providing services to improve children's lives since being created.

The CARE Center offers services to reduce trauma to a child victim and their non-offending family members through coordinated efforts of their team. Their efforts can help children, that have went through a traumatic experience, recover and have a better future. Children that may have been harmed by physical and sexual abuse can receive the proper treatment, counseling, education, and other resources they need to help the recovery process.

The CARE Center has a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) that it works with to provide the services it needs for each child. The MDT services includes law enforcement, child protective, mental health, medical, victim advocates, district attorney and county attorney. The MDT will work together to accomplish the objectives that set.

Services are free of charge from the CARE Center and can be great to helping a family in need. The center offers coordinated child-friendly interviewing, referrals or information, advocate or victim specialist, crisis intervention, education, and community presentations. Children and adults are welcome to receive services from the team at the center. Parents can learn how to help children that are hurt or affected by traumatic events and can help themselves learn in the process.

The Warren-Washington CARE Center is located on Dix Ave. in Glens Falls, NY. You can always help out the CARE Center by dropping off items or offering monetary donations.

The mission of the Warren-Washington CARE Center in Glens Falls, NY is to recognize that the children in our communities are by nature vulnerable and need our love and protection. Reduce trauma to the child victim and their non-offending family members through the coordinated efforts of the Multi Disciplinary Team.

For more information or questions, please go to our website or contact our office at 518-792-2731.