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Glens Falls Ranks on Bloomberg List

Bloomberg Business Week released an article on America's strongest housing markets and the Glens Falls market ranked at the top of the list. According to the Bloomberg report, Glens Falls had the highest forecasted price gain in the state of New York.

Glens Falls

The Glens Falls housing market will experience a 16.9 % gain between now and the year 2014. That means a 5.6 % increase per year, which is substantial in comparison to the rest of the country. These rates are forecasted and the actual rate could be much higher or lower than predicted, but the news is still promising!

According to the National Association of Realtors, the prices in Glens Falls are down from first quarter last year, but that trend is projected to be short lived. The unemployment rate in Glens Falls is better the national average and will continue to improve.

The real estate market will continue to fluctuate over the next few years, but keep a close eye on how the housing market in Glens Falls fares in the future. This is a great place to live and only getting better!

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