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10 Questions Interview - Stored Tech

Here we catch up with the owner of Stored Technology Solutions for an interview. This company offers everything from email troubleshooting to data vaulting to onsite tech support for your business' technology needs and more.

1. What kind of services does Stored Tech offer?

At StoredTech we are a full-range Technology Sales and Service Company. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Data Vaulting
  • Managed Services
  • Email Security
  • Virtualization
  • IT Service
  • Hardware Sales
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Remote Support
  • Hosted Solutions

2. With technology changing so rapidly, how do you stay on top of all the new options and upgrades?

I think in any job, from the owners through to the employees, there needs to be an underlying passion for what you do. Our company is comprised of the biggest "Techy Geeks" you can imagine. If its new, someone on our staff has to have it, just because. Be it iPhones, iPads, PS3's, Server's, VMware, Microsoft Software or latest web application our staff, just love to see what is up and coming and how it would work in the business environment.

Having said that, we also have a strong commitment to partnerships with major technology players as well as a strong training foundation for all interested staff members. We hold certifications and partnerships from a number of big names such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, VMWare, AVG, GFI, SonicWall, and many others.

In March we will also be investing over $4,000 in Cisco training for key staff. That level of commitment financially underscores the value we place in being at the top, and striving to stay there.

3. What should be on a company's "watch list" right now?

Everyone's new favorite buzzword "The Cloud" should be not only on the "watch list" but companies should actively be talking to their IT staff or Technology provider on how this new emerging and proven technology can lower their cost of doing business. The first step for most companies is putting e-mail into the cloud. We have a fantastic ROI sheet which is a great example of real value in a cloud investment.

Another fantastic "watch list" opportunity for companies is ensuring they have completed their offsite disaster recovery plan. After 9/11 the idea of disaster recovery really hit home to most businesses. They started asking themselves, "If my office was "gone" tomorrow, how could I rebuild my business?" Would I have my computer files to carry on conducting business? How well am I really backing up my companies data properly? Part of the solution is a comprehensive plan that includes offsite data vaulting. Business owners have to understand that backing up their data is not disaster recovery.

4. What is your most used or most popular product/service?

Hands down the most popular service is our Managed Services option. Managed Services allows for companies to proactively monitor their network and act before a crash or failure. Using StoredTech Managed Services, companies can have up-to-the-minute updates of any failures in their network or computer infrastructure.

Some of the features include knowing if a server is online, if there are any errors in the error logs of that server, watching the effectiveness of your organization's anti-virus application, and the success or failure of a backup job.

Our Managed Services option also allows for remote support of any client's computer from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that if your employee is in China and has an issue, we can connect remotely to that machine and fix it. We currently provide global support for customers all over the US, Canada, Taiwan, Europe and Japan.

5. If a local business feels they are falling behind technologically, how can StoredTech help?

Of course, we would love to help them get up to speed. Companies fall in to a rut, feeling they cannot afford a system upgrade and therefore simply ignore the problem until a crisis occurs. Any business owner can tell you of a time that happened and how it probably cost them more than if they just attacked the problem head on.

We work hard to bring cost effective solutions that can be phased in using a methodical approach. Often we start by assessing the environment and then making recommendations that work on the technology fires first, and then gradually update the hardware and software in a plan that can range from weeks to years depending on the size of the company.

That isn't saying if a company has the means and wants a full overhaul of their technology base that we couldn't do that as well. Our focus is customer service and satisfaction. How we work with each company is unique and personal.

6. In terms of turn-around time, what can a customer expect from purchase time to implementation?

That really is a question that depends on the customer's needs. We do have a series of stock items for quick installs in a critical failure situation, like a router or switch fails and brings the entire network down. That can be done as soon as someone can leave the office and get onsite. Often within hours if not minutes.

If the customer wants a new server or entire network upgrade, it is something that should be well planned out. Nothing is worse than a quickly sold and hastily put in server or network hardware. Companies have unique programs and needs that have to be understood upfront to make the right recommendations. What works for one company could cripple another one.

7. Are there any funny or unusual stories in your field that you could share?

We have all seen the commericial from Dunkin' Donuts where they ask the end user, "Ma'am is the computer plugged into the wall?" And the enduser replies, no it did not come with a wall. ( ha ha )

Sadly, we have seen many times where simple end user mistakes such as a machine or monitor have not been plugged in and the fix is as simple as "plugging it into the wall." It happens - even we have days like that!

8. What sets StoredTech apart from the other "geek squads"?

In a word, experience. Anyone today can claim to be an IT Consultant, but what does that really mean? There is no certification or standards committee to ensure that person is really proficient at anything other than collecting your hard earned money.

We are also aware that technology changes so rapidly that an expert today will not be the same level expert in five years from now. Understanding that, we have made commitments to continue at all levels educating ourselves on the latest technology offerings.

Through our years of experience and continuing education, we have for our customers already set ourselves apart from the other "geek squads."

9. Outside of work, what interests or hobbies do you enjoy?

Would it be too geeky to say playing with the newest technology? (Sadly it's true

When we aren't working, we like spend time with our family to visit the local eateries and take in the local sights and sounds. Some of us like to go skiing and snowmobiling, while others hibernate until the winter is over to jet-ski, wakeboard and swim.

10. What does a typical day look like for you?

First we check the Managed Services Dashboard to ensure that all customers operations are running smooth. If anything is amiss or a red flag, we immediately research and communicate with the customer.

Nothing is better than telling a customer, "Crisis averted," and they didn't even know there was one.

After we are sure all the fires are out, we often check our hosted Exchange calendars to see where we need to be to support our customers onsite if needed.

Often we find ourselves reading the latest technology new sites like (a StoredTech sponsored Tech News Site), updating our twitter feeds, and posting on our newly added Facebook page.

Everyone stays connected through the day by use of company-provided iPhone and unified communication applications.

We also provide for anyone who wishes to work from a home office, a company desktop VoIP phone, so regardless of our location, you can always get a friendly voice on the line.

All service orders and customer support information is also placed in a secure hosted cloud solution that allows all employees to have access to useful information on any customer they may need to support at any time of the day or night.

As a wrap up conversation, everyone touches base on any more projects in the works, if they need any help, and we all decide where resources for the next day need to be assigned.

The next morning we are focused and ready to serve all of our fantastic customers!

That is a quick peek in to the world of StoredTech.

We would like to thank Mark Shaw for giving us a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Stored Technology Solutions, a top-rated local company here in Glens Falls that offers top-notch assistance to companies around the globe.