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Glens Falls City Hall

42 Ridge Street, Glens Falls, NY

City Hall is a Neoclassical-style building that was erected on Ridge Street in 1900. It was designed by Fuller & Pitcher, a prestigious Albany-based architectural firm at the time, and has served as the headquarters of the city's civic affairs since Glens Falls was incorporated as a city in 1908.

glens falls city hall

Photo Credit: Jason Checkla

City Hall is part of the 93-building Three Squares Historic District that includes select locations on Glen, South, Warren, and Ridge Streets. These buildings are easily identified by their unique architecture that signifies the important roles the buildings played as the area's propserity began to blossom. The Three Squares Historic District is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Glens Falls experienced three devestating fires in 1864, 1884, and 1902, the last of which City Hall survived.

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