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Glens Falls Doctor, Turned Into Famous "Chef"

John Sconzo's hobbies take him from the hospital to the kitchen. He has found his love as a food extraordinaire during the time he is not spending working at Glens Falls Hospital.

Chefs throughout the world know him and his love of food. He's traveled all over - from Spain to Italy to New York City to Saratoga Springs - eating at some of the top-notch restaurants and being served by the most well-respected chefs. Through out the years, his passions for food, dining out, restaurants, chefs and travel have all slowly developed. His years of travel and finding interest in good food have led to making it and eating it, as well. Besides his travels, it is also in his Italian blood - Sconzo is Sicilian and his mother's homemade Italian cooking was a big part of his life growing up.

But food is just his hobby.

Sconzo has been an anesthesiologist for 20 years, working his long days at Glens Falls Hospital. He grew up in Brooklyn, and graduated from Dartmouth before attending Columbia University's medical school and completing his anesthesiology residency in Virginia. He met his wife, Kitty, at Columbia, who was a Skidmore College graduate. They first lived in Plattsburgh, but then quickly found themselves in Glens Falls after finding themselves too far from family.

His interests first provoked in 2003 when he began exploring eGullet, a place for people to log online and discuss food - cooking, eating, ingredients and restaurants. Sconzo became very involved in this online community; he soon began posting photos, stories, and even hosting eGullet online forums. His accounts did not go unnoticed, as he got attention from chefs and food gurus who began to remember his name.

slow food saratogaSconzo and his family truly appreciate "slow" food. In other words, the simple preparation of local and fresh ingredients - anti-fast food. This movement, titled the Slow Food Movement, has grown as an important philosophy to the Sconzo family. His eldest son, L.J. (age 20), started a local chapter for this movement, Slow Food-Saratoga, which now has almost 100 local members.

Sconzo shares his love and passion for food with the world on his blog where he shares his experiences. He writes posts, takes photos and videos about his cooking experiences, places he's dined at and visited, including local farmers' markets and even larger food conventions. Maybe, even you can attempt making some of his dishes. Visit the Sconzo blog at

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