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By the Pie or By the Slice: A Battle of the Pizza Shops in Washington County

Everyone has their favorite pizza place, and Washington County is chock full of some of the best! We combed through Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor reviews to find what people love about their chosen pizza spot. Whether you're looking for the best crust, the freshest toppings, or the biggest slices the below hotspots have it all. Which is your favorite?

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Fort Edward & Hudson Falls

Stumpy's Pizzeria in Fort Edward


Chicken Parmigiana Pizza with other tempting options. Photo provided.

One word kept coming up with Stumpy's Pizza in Fort Edward: huge. Comments like, "Slices are huge, but prices are not," "The slices are HUGE," and "Two HHUUUGGEEE slices and drink for just $5" are what pepper this pizza place's reviews. The only thing folks love more than the giant portions are the reasonable prices.

Their specialty pizzas include aptly named options like the Lumberjack Smash, with pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, pepper, onion, and black olive; the Bear Trap, with pepperoni, sausage, meatball, and bacon; and the Stumpy, a white pizza with grilled chicken, spinach, tomato, and fresh garlic.

Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta in Hudson Falls

pepperoni and sausage pizza

Choose a traditional pizza or browse their extensive menu for other options. Photo provided.

If you're a thin crust afficionado Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta in Hudson Falls is where you'll want to take your tastebuds. "For those unfamiliar, 'Brooklyn-style' pizza is on the thin side but has a good bite to it and can readily stand up to being picked up," one Google reviewer explains.

You'll have a tough time choosing from the gourmet pizza list on the menu. As one Yelp reviewer said, "We got the deep dish cheese with sausage. Two nights later we ordered a regular pizza. Three nights after that we met friends here for pizza and had a deep dish lasagna pizza." Yum! Patrons also seem to love the garlic knots.

Mandy's Pizza & Sub Shop in Hudson Falls

close up of cheese pizza

Mandy's pizza comes in deep dish style with six hearty slices.

You may have heard of the famous finger rolls at Mandy's Pizza & Sub Shop in Hudson Falls, but don't miss out on ordering a slice of pizza while you're there! Locals love the pizza, the finger rolls, and everything else about Mandy's.

"I contacted Mandy's to inquire about breakfast pizza and Adam was happy to oblige!" said one Facebook reviewer. "The pizzas he made were PHENOMENAL and everyone raved!" Other reviews on Google and TripAdvisor agree: "Really good pizza, sweet sauce, and slightly salty cheese." "Pizza, dogs, subs...all fantastic."

Cambridge & Greenwich

Clark's Pizzeria & More in Cambridge

pizza with half pepperoni and half green peppers and onions

Fresh and delicious New York-style pizza right in Cambridge. Photo provided.

Many reviews of Clark's Pizzeria & More in Cambridge are short but sweet: "Pizza is amazing," "Excellent pizza," and "Great pizza. Did I say great pizza?" Although if we had to pick something we noticed they're known for it's New York-style pizza, and there was more than one mention of the excellent BBQ Chicken Pizza.

One Yelp reviewer said, "Best pizza by far and it's more of a true NY-style pizza unless you get a 24-cut, then it's a bit thicker square style pizza, either way they are so yummy!"

Jay's Pizza in Greenwich

spaghetti pizza

A Spaghetti Pizza with half bacon and half sausage. Photo provided.

"The crust is awesome." "Thin, chewy, delicious crust and perfect amount of toppings." "Love the thin crust, and it was cooked perfectly." The people have spoken! Jay's Pizza in Greenwich knows that an expertly prepared crust is the base of a wonderful pizza, and they're not afraid to get creative with what goes on top.

Their menu is broken out into specialty pizzas and white pizzas, including a Pickle Pizza with dill pickles and Ranch. They also have a Chicken Bacon Ranch, Loaded Pizza, Greek Pizza, and more varied and tempting options.

Village Pasta & Pizza in Cambridge

three pizzas

Plain or loaded with toppings, you won't be disappointed with this pizza! Photo provided.

Love to load your pizza with tons of toppings? Village Pasta & Pizza in Cambridge might be the pizza place for you. Their menu consists of classic pizza options like Meatlovers, Veggie, and Classic White, or you can choose from a long list of toppings. Regardless of what you're craving you're can be assured a skillfully prepared meal.

"Cooked perfect and loaded with toppings at a great price." "Pizza and calzone were both perfectly cooked with generous toppings." "Nice light crust. Fresh veggies on my veggie pizza. Awesome sauce!" The reviews speak for themselves - great crust, sauce, and toppings. Does it get any better than that?

Argyle & Salem

Small Town Pizza in Argyle

close up of pepperoni pizza

You'll know where to go for pizza when in Argyle!

"The food is amazing. I eat here twice a week." "Absolutely amazing! Great guy, wonderful food." "Great food and great prices. Friendly people." Enjoy Small Town Pizza in Argyle, where the town and pizza restaurant may be small, but the flavor is not.

Brooklynn Marie's Italian Corner in Salem

pizza with half pepperoni and half cheese

Choose classic toppings or a specialty pizza. Photo provided.

It's service with a smile at Brooklynn Marie's Italian Corner in Salem. "Pizza was very delicious and very nice people," a patron on Facebook said. "The staff is always friendly and outgoing. . .The specialty pizzas are great!!!" a Google reviewer commented.

Specialty pizzas include several chicken options like Chicken Cordon Bleu, a Hawaiian Pizza, an All Vegetable Pizza, and an All Meat Pizza.


The RailYard Taproom & Restaurant in Whitehall


All pizzas at the RailYard are 12 inches, freshly baked, and made to order. Photo provided.

Have you ever been to Roma Restaurant in Whitehall? The legendary Washington County eatery was sold by the original owners in 2002, after which it went through several changes. In spring of 2018 the business was purchased by a group of five families who established the RailYard Taproom & Restaurant, which opened in summer 2019.

Today, Whitehall residents rejoice that the new owners have kept many of the Roma classics, including the pizza. "Great to have 'Roma' back!" commented one Facebook reviewer. "Haven't had a Roma pizza since 1975...they nailed the classic recipe!" Even if you never frequented Roma's back in the day you'll love this celebrated pizza.

Joe's Pizza, Bigfoot Wine & Liquor in Whitehall

pizza with peppers, olives

Come out to see why everyone loves Joe's pizza! Photo provided.

Joe's Pizza, Bigfoot Wine & Liquor in Whitehall simply has great pizza. "Love their pizza!!! Old-fashioned type delicious pizza." "They have the best pizza hands down!" "They make the best pizza ever! 6/5." And, they don't skimp on toppings, as indicated by one Yelp reviewer: "Nice thin crust, large slices. . .plus we got the highest volume of toppings anywhere compared to two other pizza joints I've recently tried in the area."

Their pizza comes available as 12-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, or 14-inch thick pan. Toppings are just $1 each, unless you go for the 12-inch, and then the majority are $0.75.

Putorti's Broadway Market in Whitehall

close up of pizza slice and spatula

Come to Putorti's to see why this store and market is known for their pizza.

It looks like a simple convenience shop from the outside, but don't be fooled. Putorti's Broadway Market in Whitehall has people coming back for the pizza. One Facebook commenter stumbled upon the place by accident while dealing with car problems, but said she'll be back for "more of their delicious pizza and friendly faces." Other reviewers concur, with comments like "Best pizza ever!!! Always great kids love it!" and "Best pizza in the area."

Whether it's the thin crust, the huge slices, or the multitude of toppings, people can't seem to get enough of Washington County pizza. Was your favorite on the list? Do you agree or disagree with the reviewers?

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