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Countryside Veterinary Practice

270 Queensbury Ave
Queensbury, NY 12804


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Horrible experience. I was seeking to shift to a Vet (Internal Medicine) who has some background in Oncology and Cardiology since my cat has an aggressive form of cancer and severe heart disease and is under the care of a Cardiologist and Oncologist (in Boston). This would allow me to have a local vet who understands my cat's situation(s) and can provide him with general care he may need as he moves through his protocol. Unfortunately, this was not well received by Dr. Bay, who entered the exam room (not even introducing himself or without any greeting), stating (in an extremely condescending manner) "I am trying to figure out why you are here." This, after I spent over a half an hour answering questions from his nurse about my cat and after sending over all of my cat's records to their practice before my appointment. It was evident that his ego got in the way of his bedside manner since he made it clear to me he does not want to serve as the "middle man." When I made the appointment, the receptionist asked me: "You do know Dr. Bay is not an Oncologist, right?" and "You can see him, but your cat won't begin treatment the same day." Dr. Bay's reaction when I told him what the reception stated to me on the phone was that everyone is having a hard time finding quality help, "even McDonald's." The fact he is not an Oncologist was stated AGAIN by his nurse during my visit today. So, I am unclear as to why Dr. Bay was dumbfounded as to why I wanted him to serve as my cat's general vet, offering insight on his health in the context of his cancer and cardiac diagnosis since he has some background in those two fields and why I wanted my cat to remain with his Oncologist for his treatments. Needless to say, I told him I was not comfortable moving forward and I left his office.

Since when does emergency help has to wait 2 days an it’s a drop off in the morning. An u pay an extra 30$.When u tell them you dog is having problems getting off the floor???it’s not like I have a small dog I can carry around him around he is 180 pds. I refuse to go to an emergency vet when my vet Dr Keller is open. The staff stinks the manager is the rudest person I have ever met. They go through staff in its water. Wondering why. They are getting so busy for there own good. Dr Keller don’t care like he use to when he was at the other building. Doesn’t take the time with our kids like he is too. He is a great vet at one time. Shame on you Dr Keller Events

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