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Jolley Mobil (Exit 20)

1412 State Rte 9
Lake George, NY 12845


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After having an awesome day with my family at the great escape six flags park, I used my ExxonMobil Speedpass app to locate the nearest Mobil. It sent me to Jolley Mobil. I had an issue, as it was my first time actually trying to take advantage of the speed pass discount, I had hung pump up just as it had authorized my credit card. When I attempted a second time to use the app, it notified my card declined. As a person who has previously worked at fuel stations, I know that for the stores protection against fraudulent credit card use, that I now must go in and have my card to the cashier and ask them to do their job, open the pump so I may begin fueling.
When I attempted to do just that, the cashier became verbally abusive towards me and telling me to take my business elsewhere because I had an attitude that she wouldn't listen to why I could not prepay at their pumps.
I work in retail as a manager in customer service I was appalled and stormed out of that location telling my spouse to get in the f#@&ing car that I wasn't going to give them my money. As I was pulling out of the station, the cashier opened up the speakers and reminded me to "have a nice day, and thank you for coming". Even my sister and niece in the vehicle behind me, of and were at the register and witnessed the way I was treated, said that her getting on the speaker system was directed towards me. I will never stop foot back on that property, not for a small discount in gas, nor even for the Dunkin donuts that I was planning on purchasing after filling up.
I left their feeling berated and belittled by this cashier with nappy looking dreds. I have several trips planned back in the area, but I will make sure everyone knows it's not jolley to go to jolleys Mobil Events

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