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Lawrence & Cooper Streets
Glens Falls, NY 12801


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I cancelled the digital news & was still billed. I called & was told my money would be refunded but I’ve never received my refund.

Bad customer service. They neglected to charge my automatic payment for 3 months. Charged me all at once then took an additional payment out that was for May that was supposed to come out May 3, 2023. It April 21,2023. I called and spoke to someone that was very hard to understand and told him to cancel and refund my May payment, he changed his mind and said it wasn’t May payment and it would not be refunded. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me there wasn’t one and hung up on me. I tried to delete my payment info on my subscription page and you can’t. I had to literally cancel my CC to get them to stop charging.

Clearly no one works here…I’ve been calling for over a week and no one answers any extension:

Worst customer service ever! No paper for 8 days. No one answers any phone number for any desk at the building so either no one works in the building or those that do are too lazy to pick up a call and don’t care at all for subscribers. I will be cancelling my subscription and will expect a refund of my $84 . By return mail.

Total failure of a media outlet.. politically bias, not factual even in local news

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