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The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls: Shops & Special Events

The Shirt Factory is one of Glens Falls' best kept secrets. This unique space that used to indeed be a shirt factory, is now home to several floors of indie shops ranging from art galleries to bookstores, and it's one of the most popular places for annual events in the area, like the Thursday Market Food Truck Corral.

exterior of shirt factory and inside a store

The Widest Array of Shops You've Ever Seen

Vintage comic books, handmade earrings, and hundreds of different kinds of teas - these are just a few of the unique odds and ends you might uncover at The Shirt Factory shops.

Browse dozens of stores as you wander the four floors of the building any day you wish! The best time to visit is between Thursday and Saturday.

entrance to sensibilitea store

Stores include:

  • A Sense of Wonder Studio
  • Adirondack Etching
  • Adirondack Pottery
  • Alchemy Bagel Cafe
  • Barn & Brick
beldame books in glens falls
  • Beldame Books
  • Black Walnut Books
  • Close2URHeart
  • Cloud Nine Hair Salon
  • Crafted
skeleton and ouija boards in store
  • Ghost Books
  • Hub Gallery
  • Little Black Walnut Books
  • Luckystone Feltworks Studio
  • Mindful Massage
  • Rock Hill Bookhouse & Sweetside Records
  • SensibiliTeas
shirt factory gallery paintings
  • Shirt Factory Gallery
  • The Sunflower Collection
  • Wombat Graphics
  • And more!

When it comes to custom-made products, one-of-a-kind items, and gift ideas you won't find anywhere else, you can't go wrong with the shops at The Shirt Factory.

Thursday Market Food Truck Corral & More Special Events

barbecue meat on the left, people at vendors at food truck festival on right

The Shirt Factory hosts a Thursday Market Food Truck Corral every week from May through September with food vendors, kids activities, and live music happening outdoors. 

Other annual events include:

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