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Stay Hydrated & Healthy With These 6 Great Drinks for Athletes in the Glens Falls Region

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, and whether you're hiking in the Adirondacks or playing tennis in Crandall Park, it's important to stay hydrated and provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Sports drinks, enhanced waters, protein shakes, and even fruit smoothies are all great options with different benefits. To help you choose, we've highlighted 6 of the best drinks for athletes that you can get in the Glens Falls Region.

Conquer the High Peaks and Maintain Peak Performance

image of gatorade on a hiking photo

Aspiring to be a 46er? Do you love hiking in the Adirondacks? Replenish the electrolytes you lose in sweat by drinking Gatorade, which can help you maintain peak performance while conquering the region's peaks. Electrolytes play a major role in regulating your body's fluid balance and muscle functions, and each bottle of Gatorade is packed full of them.

This iconic sports drink comes in many flavors, including the popular Cool Blue, Fruit Punch, and Glacier Freeze. There is also a sugar-free version called Gatorade Zero that has the same electrolyte level as the original and 0 calories per serving. When you've finally reached the summit of a high peak, you'll be happy to have this refreshing beverage on hand.

Stay Properly Hydrated While Traveling Down the Warren County Bikeway

image of bolt24 on a bike trail photo

One of the most scenic bike trails around is the Warren County Bikeway (pictured above), which extends from Lake George all the way to Glens Falls. This 9-mile paved bike path is a fun way to spend a few hours outdoors, but to ensure your body is ready for the ride, try drinking BOLT24 ANTIOXIDANT.

With just 40-45 calories and functional ingredients like electrolytes and 100% of the daily value of antioxidant vitamins A and C, BOLT24 ANTIOXIDANT provides advanced 24/7 hydration, so you'll feel good all day long as you ride up and down the Warren County Bikeway. It's an excellent choice for bike rides on the local Feeder Canal Trail too.

Give Yourself a Boost During Your Next Game at Crandall Park

image of propel water on a pickleball court photo

Exercising with friends can encourage you to stay active, and Crandall Park has everything from tennis and pickleball courts to a basketball court and a disc golf course. To keep up the energy and stay hydrated during your next game, a bottle of the electrolyte-filled Propel Water can do the trick.

Among all national enhanced water brands, Propel is the only water with enough electrolytes to replace what you lose in sweat. The zero-calorie, zero-sugar drink has antioxidant vitamins A and C, vitamin B, and a tasty fruit flavor. Grape, mango, watermelon, strawberry kiwi, and more options are available.

Start Your Morning Workout With a Burst of Fruit-Fueled Energy

image of naked juice bottle over person doing yoga outdoors

How do you like to start the day? Do you enjoy going for an easy jog throughout Glens Falls' neighborhoods? Or, maybe you like to stretch and do a yoga session on the front lawn. No matter your morning preference, one healthy drink that can give you an early burst of energy is Naked Juice.

If you don't have time to make your own juice blends, then Naked Juice's fruit smoothies are for you. These drinks are made of 100% pure juice with no artificial flavors or added sugars. Mighty Mango, pictured above, contains a mixture of mango, orange, apple, and banana juices, and one bottle will add more essential vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Get the Protein You Need to Become Stronger at the Local Gym

image of muscle milk over fitness photo

Lifting weights at the Glens Falls Family YMCA, Planet Fitness, or even at home is just one part of the equation in your health and fitness journey. To improve your everyday performance and fuel workout recovery, a protein shake like Muscle Milk is the perfect supplement.

Muscle Milk is a non-dairy protein shake with zero sugar, 6 grams of fiber, calcium and vitamins, and 25 grams of high-quality protein that supports muscle rebuilding, muscle growth, and the maintenance of muscle mass. You can drink it before or after an intense workout, or as a protein rich snack during the day.

Meet Your Daily Hydration Needs & Stay Healthy in Glens Falls

image of lifewtr over photo of person running in the woods

While you're walking in Queensbury's Meadowbrook Preserve, kayaking on Lake George, or just exploring the local area, don't forget to meet your daily hydration needs. Since it's easy to forget to drink enough water, we recommend bringing some premium bottled LIFEWTR with you during your everyday adventures.

LIFEWTR is a purified water that is pH balanced and includes electrolytes for a clean taste. Although the drink comes in different sizes, the 700ml option with the flip cap is ideal for on-the-go hydration. The product is also easily recognizable on shelves thanks to unique artworks featured on the bottles.

All 6 of these drinks for athletes are easily available for purchase in Warren, Washington, and northern Saratoga counties thanks to the Pepsi-Cola beverage distributor Fitzgerald Bros. in Glens Falls. Keep your eyes open for these products as you're walking through local stores and supermarkets.

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