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Discover the Arts District of Glens Falls on the Arts Trail

Though we're a small city with a population under 15,000, Glens falls to full-to-the-brim with arts and culture attractions, activities, and events. The Arts Trail is one of the best ways to experience the best of the best when it comes to what our city has to offer.

Glens Falls Arts District banner

The Art District of Glens Falls began rolling out sidewalk markers and colorful banners in 2021 with the Arts District logo, to better enhance the existing trail. Branded bicycle racks as well as local artwork ranging from large-scale murals to painted electrical boxes were created too. 

on the left, Glens Falls Arts District sidewalk stamp, on the right, blue bicycle-shaped bike rack

In 2022, the Art District of Glens Falls added sidewalk stamps to "connect the dots" between the different art hotspots. In addition, vibrant blue bicycle-shaped bike racks are in the process of being placed at the 10 different arts destinations, and each is sponsored by a local business.

map of Arts District
Click map to enlarge. Map and photo courtesy of Arts District of Glens Falls.

Make Your Way Along the Arts Trail & Explore These 10 Art Hotspots

1. Chapman Museum

Rough Roads to Red Carpets museum display

Stepping into the Chapman is like taking a portal into the past. With stunning displays including incredible photographs of bygone eras, there's no better place to start this Arts Trail than the Chapman. Immerse yourself in the Glens Falls and Upstate NY of the past as you begin the journey to understanding how our little city became a cultural hotspot.

2. Crandall Public Library

paintings hang in a library

The Crandall Public Library is not just any library (though they do have an excellent collection!). Downstairs at the Crandall is the Folklife Center, which features a gallery, archives, and cultural programs about the folk life of Upstate NY, the Adirondacks, and America.

3. Charles R. Wood Theater

vendor booth in front of Charles R. Wood Theatre
  (feat. Adirondack Theatre Festival and Glens Falls Community Theatre)  

A thoroughly modern performing arts venue, the Charles R. Wood Theater is home to many local and touring shows featuring everything from music and dance to film and comedy. The Adirondack Theatre Festival and Glens Falls Community Theatre attract hundreds of attendees every year with their awesome programming.

4 (a.) LARAC

paintings on display

The Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Center (LARAC) fosters community and strives to establish a cultural identity for our region. You can visit them in their gorgeous, restored Victorian carriage house next to the Glens Falls City Park and discover new local artists on exhibit, take a workshop, or attend a lecture.

4 (b.) The Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra

symphony at band shell

The Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra is a hidden gem in the lower Adirondacks. This talented group of musicians usually performs at the High School, but they're based out of the same building as LARAC, and have also performed in Crandall Park (above).

5. NorthCountryARTS

North Country Arts sign and paintings

Though their main offices are in the Shirt Factory, NorthCountryARTS has a gallery on the 2nd floor of the Glens Falls City Hall. This gallery serves a space to showcase local artists year-round, with an exhibition that is switched out every six weeks.

6. The Park Theatre

band poses on stage

This historic theater is over 100 years old and has been home to everything from silent films to vaudeville. The theater underwent a complete renovation in 2018, and now has an on-site restaurant, perfect for dinner-and-a-movie type of events.

7. Cool Insuring Arena

performers in circus
Photo credit: Alan Nudi

Known for many years as the Glens Falls Civic Center, the Cool Insuring Arena is home to the beloved Adirondack Thunder (if you didn't know, Glens Falls is a hockey town!). The performing arts venue is also home to many other special events and concerts, and serves as the winter location for the Glens Falls Farmers Market.

8. World Awareness Children's Museum

kids picture, red and black and white, with umbrella and bus

Stop by this unique museum to discover all about the world's different cultures with your family. The World Awareness Children's Museum is an interactive, hands-on museum with multi-cultural programs, international art exchanges, and a mission to help children understand and appreciate the diversity in our world.

9. The Hyde Collection Art Museum

grayish purple sculpture on display

If you've been scrolling to find the best collection of modern art north of NYC, The Hyde Collection is the stop you've been looking for. Home to a world-class collection on permanent display with rotating traveling exhibits, visiting the Hyde should be on your list right alongside MOMA and the Met.

10. The Shirt Factory

mural with whale and planets

The historic building is a unique, multi-use space where artists have shops and studios, exhibit their work, and teach classes and workshops. Visit the Shirt Factory for a taste of what local artists are up to and to see how they craft their unique creations. You might find something outdoors, too, like the above mural!

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