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8 Fun & Free Things to Do in Glens Falls

Spend Nothing & Have a Blast in Hometown, USA!

1. Second Thursdays at The Hyde

the hyde interior

Did you know? The second Thursday of each month at The Hyde is free for everyone! It's also free for members, kids ages 12 and under, students with ID, and active military and their families.

From art galleries and trails and to parks and a farmers market - it's free, it's fun, it's Glens Falls.

2. Concerts at the Crandall Library

crandall library interior

If you didn't know, now you do - the Crandall Library offers free concerts and cultural programs through their Folklife Center. Check their website or Facebook for upcoming events.

3. Warren County Bikeway

dad and child on bike path

The 9.2-mile Warren County Bikeway is a fun and free way to explore the local area. The bike route begins in downtown Glens Falls and goes all the way to Lake George Village.

4. The Shirt Factory

art in the shirt factory

You can walk around The Shirt Factory watching artists work in their studios, for free! This is a unique building broken up into small spaces to accommodate working artists, classes, shops, and more.

5. Crandall Park

crandall park pond

Picnic tables. Walking paths. Fishing/skating pond. Cross-country skiing trails. Fountains, bridges, and historical monuments. Pickleball, volleyball, and basketball courts. A disc golf course. It's Crandall Park!

6. The Feeder Canal Trail

canal walkway

The Feeder Canal Trail is about 9 miles, like the Warren County Bikeway, and travels from Queensbury to Fort Edward, going through Glens Falls along the way.

7. The Farmers Market

farmers market

We can't promise you won't be tempted to spend money while you're there, but you can browse vendors and a get a sense of what's offered at the Glens Falls Farmers Market, open year-round.

8. The Arts Trail

downtown glens falls

Embark on the Arts Trail, brought to us from the Art District of Glens Falls. New sidewalk markers and colorful banners along the trail help lead the way.

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