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What to Know for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Glens Falls NY: Viewing Spots & More

Glens Falls, NY is close to the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse happening on April 8. What does this mean?

Our area will witness a partial solar eclipse with a magnitude of 98.8 to 98.9% - in other words, extremely close to a total solar eclipse!

Keep reading to find out what to know and how to plan for the solar eclipse in Glens Falls.

a solar eclipse image.

The Must-Know Details About the 2024 Eclipse

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, thereby casting a shadow on the Earth that either fully or partially blocks the Sun's light in some areas.

A total solar eclipse has not been visible in this state since 1925, and won't be again until 2144.

solar eclipse phases

The path of totality, that is, where the solar eclipse can be viewed in its entirety, runs through much of the Adirondack Park just north of Glens Falls.

For those interested in witnessing the eclipse, they have the option to either stay in Glens Falls to observe the near-total eclipse or take a short drive of just over an hour north to Newcomb, Indian Lake, or another Adirondack town within the path of totality.

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kids view eclipse with glasses

For people in Glens Falls, here is the timeline for viewing the partial solar eclipse on April 8:

  • 2:12pm: Partial Solar Eclipse Begins
  • 3:26pm: Mid-Eclipse (When the Maximum Amount of the Sun's Disk is Covered)

The above times are approximate and will vary slightly depending on your specific location.

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Safety Note: Even with a partial solar eclipse, you need to wear certified eclipse glasses. Sunglasses, binoculars, etc., are not enough.

Where to Stay in the Local Area

hotel room of queensbury hotel in glens falls

Rooms are booking up for this noteworthy event, so choose your hotel or preferred lodging option today!

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Check Out Our Suggested Places to View the Solar Eclipse

When it comes to viewing the solar eclipse, you'll want to be in an open space without buildings, trees, or artificial lights obstructing your view. In the Glens Falls region, you might want to go to:

Crandall Park:

field in crandall park in glens falls

Glens Falls City Park

Hovey Pond Park

hovey pond at hovey pond park

Moreau Lake State Park

Lake George Battlefield State Park

open field in lake george battlefield state park

Discover Exciting Events & Watch Parties

If you're making a day trip up to the Adirondacks for the eclipse, there are numerous viewing parties and eclipse-themed events in the ADK worth checking out, and even some eclipse events near Glens Falls.

Shop, Dine & Find Fun Activities While You're in Town

While you're in Glens Falls, we suggest you:

1. Shop downtown at unique stores like Rude Betty or Fountain Square Outfitters.

2. Dine downtown at a variety of restaurants, from Mexican cuisine at Raul's, to sushi and Japanese fare at Mikado.

3. Bike or walk the Feeder Canal Trail or Warren County Bikeway.

warren county bikeway bridge

4. Explore galleries and more local arts and culture with the Glens Falls Arts Trail.

5. Bring kids to The Fun Spot or the World Awareness Children's Museum.

kids skating at the fun spot

6. Try your hand at axe throwing with Adirondack Axe.

Don't delay - start making your plans to see the 2024 solar eclipse today!

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