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Guide to Glens Falls Health & Medical Services -- Doctors, Dentists, Specialists, Urgent Care & More

When it comes to Glens Falls health care and medical services, is your guide to local dentists, doctors, medical specialists, chiropractors and more. Are you in need of urgent care? Looking for alternative health options? Browse our site for all types of health and wellness resources, including physicians, hospitals, health care centers, vision care, and physical therapy offices, as well as fitness centers and gyms. From pediatricians to senior care, and all your health needs in between, you can find the region's many health services, professionals and wellness resources all in one place at

Life Cycles in Balance
Life Cycles in Balance is about achieving health and balance throughout all the cycles of our lives. Support for fertility, conception, birth and the postpartum periods is available.
Health Center on Broad Street (Glens Falls)
Glens Falls, NY
Get the medical care you and your family need at the Health Center on Broad Street in Glens Falls, NY. This health center is part of the trusted Hudson Headwaters Health Network (HHHN) and welcomes people of all ages.
Glens Falls, NY
Reduce Anxiety, Control Emotions, Alleviate Chronic Pain, Increase Self-Image, Quit Smoking, and have Better Relationships. The area's only Sports Psychology Coach, Herman Johnson, will make personal performance better... Think outside the box!
Health Center on Broad Street (Glens Falls) - Urgent Care
Glens Falls, NY
The Health Center on Broad Street - Urgent Care is located in Glens Falls, NY, and offers a wide array of urgent care services for medical issues that arise suddenly but are not life-threatening. They can help treat the flu, minor burns, and more.
Glens Falls Hospital
Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls Hospital is the largest healthcare provider between Albany, New York and Montreal, Canada. They offer inpatient and outpatient services, including emergency, medicine/surgery, cancer care, obstetrics, and much more.
New York Council on Problem Gambling
Albany, NY
A not-for-profit independent corporation dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem and compulsive gambling and advocating for support services and treatment for persons adversely affected by gambling.
Moselle Bruce Dc
Glens Falls, NY
Chiropractic care for adults, children and pregnancy, Applied Kinesiology, Zyto, Erchonia Low Level Laser, Neural Organization Technique, Neural Emotional Technique, System Strength Analysis, Accustical Cardiograph, Ion Cleanse Detox and more!
Hudson Headwaters Health Network
Queensbury, NY
Our mission is to provide the best health care, and access to that care, for everyone in our communities.
Queensbury Family Health
Queensbury, NY
Queensbury Family Health serves children, teens, and adults, making it the perfect facility for the entire family to receive top-notch care from industry professionals who care about your health and specific needs.
West Mountain Health Services - Building 1
Queensbury, NY
West Mountain Health Services - Building 1 offers specialty & ancillary services that go beyond a typical health care facility, such as nephrology, neurology, and more. Their extraordinary team will provide unparalleled care for you and your family.
Adirondack Radiology Associates
Glens Falls, NY
At Adirondack Radiology Associates, we have four convenient locations in Saratoga, Albany, Glens Falls and Queensbury. We offer the most advanced imaging technologies: MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, Dexa, and X-Ray.
Fort Edward-Kingsbury Health Center
Fort Edward, NY
Fort Edward-Kingsbury Health Center is recognized for their dedication to providing their patients with the best health care and access to that care in the Fort Edward area. Their experienced team offers a variety of medical services.
Joan Reid Studios
Glens Falls, NY
Joan Reid, CHT, is an artist, teacher and energy worker. Joan maintains an office and studio seeing clients and teaching classes in meditation, dream work, and offers workshops in connecting your Inner Voice through Art.
Moreau Family Health
South Glens Falls, NY
As part of the Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Moreau Family Health is dedicated to providing their patients with the best health care, regardless of income or insurance. The health center offers expert services to kids, adults, and the elderly.
West Mountain Health Services - Building 2
Queensbury, NY
West Mountain Health Services - Building 2 concentrates on family and adult medicine in addition to specialty services. The highly qualified staff will work with you every step of the way to provide personalized, detailed care you can count on.
North Country ENT & Med Spa
Gansevoort, NY
Dedicated to providing a full spectrum of high quality care, North Country ENT treats ear, nose and throat for the whole family. Offering a broad range of Para-Medical Med Spa facial & body treatments. Certif. Permanent Make-Up and medical products.
North Country Obstetrics & Gynecology
Glens Falls, NY
Located in Glens Falls, North Country Obstetrics & Gynecology is a health center that specializes in women's health care. Their wide array of services include adult and adolescent gynecology, midwifery, mammography, ultrasounds, and more.