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Top Ten Chef at The Chocolate Mill Cafe

Pastries from The Chocolate Mill CafeFrank Volkommer, owner and chef at The Chocolate Mill has recently been named by Dessert Professional magazine as one of the Top Ten Chefs in America. Other nominees included a Dunkin' Brands worker, a student of the French Culinary Institute in Chicago, a top chef from Vegas, and more impressive resumés.

Undaunted, Volkommer proudly announced to the camera that he came from Glens Falls, NY. His town and business seemed humble next to the big names of the other contestants, but for all that the honor was doubly deserved.

Volkommer was asked to make 300 desserts for a dinner honoring all ten chefs. He and wife Jessica Volkommer made two dishes which were well received and constantly complimented at the event.

Congratulations to Frank Volkommer! Because of him, and gems like The Chocolate Mill Cafe, the Glens Falls Region continues to be a real 'treat' to live, work and play!

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