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My Top 5 Local Breweries

A Beer Drinker's Renaissance: From Crap to Craft

Seemingly every article I write starts off with how I just graduated from Syracuse University, the newly crowned "#1 Party School" in the nation.

I suppose I am still living in the past in many ways: I still sleep with my contacts in, I still forget to shower for a few days at a time, and I still watch "Keyboard Cat" videos on YouTube while I'm supposed to be working. But I want to change, and fast. So I figured, if I want a quick self-maturation, I should target the root of all my immature tendencies: drinking terrible beer.

When I joined a frat at the end of my Freshman year, I did not drink, obviously. I wasn't 21! But even though I didn't partake in any of the drinking that the older brothers were doing, I still learned from them.

My elders' acceptance of drinking sub-par beer would become ingrained in me. I embraced "Natty Ice" with loving arms... I also embraced the toilet seat a lot of the nights when I returned home.

beer drankin

But I'm older now and it's time for a change. The fact that my parents will pay for family groceries, which includes beer, has opened a whole new world of discovery for me as far as beer discovery goes. I have moved from Pabst Blue Ribbon to Miller Lite in the past few months, and now I am ready to take another step forward: craft beer.

The following is my journey to find the 5 Best Local Breweries in the Glens Falls and Lake George region. I will share with you their history, what make them unique, and what they taught me. This is my Renaissance as a beer drinker: From Crap to Craft.

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