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Glens Falls Armory Up For Auction A Third Time

They say the third time's a charm, and the state Office of General Services (OGS) is certainly hoping so, as the Glens Falls Armory goes up for auction again next month.

April 21, 2010 will be the third time the Glens Falls Armory has gone up for auction. The asking price this time? Just $200,000 - much lower than their original asking price of $500,000 at the first auction back in October - and lower than their $350,000 asking price at the second auction as well.

The Glens Falls Armory is 115 years old, and the last time the building was occupied was the summer of 2009. The local National Guard unit moved to Queensbury last year, and the building has been vacant ever since.

After two auctions and five months, there have been no bidders on the Armory. Will the third auction's lower asking price draw in bidders? OGS is crossing their fingers.

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