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Letter to the Editor

March Is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The Warren-Washington County Chapter of NYSARC, Inc. is proud to celebrate the valuable contributions people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities are making every day as neighbors, coworkers, volunteers, friends and family members.

Much progress has been made in our society’s treatment of people with developmental disabilities. At NYSARC, Inc. we see people not their disabilities. We look for new opportunities in our local communities, bringing people together by discovering a common experience instead of distancing ourselves by emphasizing our differences.

People with developmental disabilities have proven to be reliable workers and excellent volunteers, capable of meeting or exceeding expectations and standards. Thanks to organizations like NYSARC, individuals are leading richer, more fulfilling lives. But there are still challenges: policy decisions threaten to take away opportunities that allow community inclusion and employment.

You can help by hiring a person with a disability; inviting one to participate in your civic organization or community activity; contacting your legislator and asking them to support citizens with disabilities; and just teaching your children that all people have something to contribute.

These individuals are a vital, contributing part of our community. When you see them shopping or out on the town, tell them you appreciate their abilities and talents.

Warren-Washington County ARC is a non-profit organization promoting an extraordinary life to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We invite you to help our mission by becoming members. For just $2 for a yearly membership, you can help us increase our voice and influence. More members mean more representation for the individuals we serve in Warren and Washington Counties. Go to for an enrollment form.


John F. Von Ahn
Executive Director
Warren-Washington County ARC
(518) 793-4204

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