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Glens Falls Favorites: Insider Stories

Get the inside scoop on the Glens Falls Region! staff members tell their top picks, favorite places and fondest memories around the region.

Small Town With Lots To Do

The best thing about the Glens Falls Region is the sense of community and the events whether it’s the Balloon Festival, Taste of the North Country, a hockey came, the Black Velvet Art Party, plays at the Wood Theatre, an evening at the Hyde, a football game or even a chamber mixer, the Glens Falls region is home and you find friends whenever you go out.

—Sara Mannix

Tasty Treats

Honestly, what I love most about Glens Falls is the ice cream! Cooper’s Cave has an amazing Tiramisu flavor that is simply divine. There’s nothing like sitting with friends or coworkers on a sunny afternoon in Glens Falls, ice cream drizzling down your face, just enjoying the day.

—Destiny Malone

You Want to Eat Where?!

Don’t let the name scare you away, Poopie DiManno's Lunch at 54 Lawrence St. is one of the hidden treasures of the area. If you like home-cooked meals, comfort foods and great service then you can’t go wrong. Joseph ‘Poopie’ DiManno opened the place in 1954 as a short order lunch counter with little more than burgers on the menu. His son Jerry runs the diner now with a much extended menu including great homemade soups and the classic one and a half burger, but for my money, the Turkey Club Sandwich is where it’s at. This is the type of place that brings in both loyal regulars and curious first-timers; either way you are sure to meets some real characters. For breakfast or for lunch you can’t beat Poopie’s in Glens Falls.

—Chris LaHaise

A Run Through the Trails

On nice afternoon, I love going for a run through the trails at Crandall Park and Coles Woods in Glens Falls NY.  The serene wooded backdrop that surrounds the trails and  the familiar face of other local athletes make it the best place in Glens Falls to go for a run!

—Maura Titterington

Grab a Bite to Eat!

Turkey Burritos at Raul’s! Occasionally throughout the year, Raul’s Mexican Grille features Turkey Burritos on the menu – it’s like the day after Thanksgiving in a Burrito: roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cheese, gravy and stuffing, all grilled in a burrito. In my office Turkey Burrito Day is a holiday whenever it happens, but you have to check in to know when they’ll be featured.

Antonio’s Pizza on Bay Rd. – Best Pizza on the Planet! I’m a plain cheese pizza guy and for my money, Antonio’s is the best pizza I’ve ever had, and believe me, I’ve tried A LOT of pizza.  Gooey cheese and amazing sauce on a thin crust New York Style. And Tony treats all his customers like royalty. Try the grilled Ham and Cheese Wrap too – terrific!

—Chris Archibee

The Sounds of Music

One of the true treasures of Glens Falls are the pipe organs at the First Presbyterian Church. Their sound is majestic, eerie and beautiful, all in the best way. And you don't even have to go to Sunday mass to hear them. The church hosts many events throughout the year that highlight the organs. From Halloween 'Pipe Screams' to playing along to silent films, there are a number of entertaining performances geared to the young and old, locals and visitors, and anyone looking to enjoy music.

—Brian McGrath

Wintertime Fun!

Crandall Park in Wintertime:  We love Crandall Park in wintertime, from the sledding hills to the groomed lit cross country ski trails, there is nothing more magical then watching clumps of snow drift down past the lights in the evening time as you glide in what feels like another world.  It’s hard to believe you are in the middle of civilization as you get into the depth of “Cole’s Woods”.  We also love to come with sleds and join the throngs of other families on the hills of Crandall Park for sledding fun.  The cross country ski trails are free Thanks to Tom Jacobs – groomed!  Tom is the  owner of the Inside Edge and cross country ski Olympian. 

—Mark Mannix