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Local Company Masters the Art of Employee Recruitment & Retention (And They're Hiring!)

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When Jake Varney expressed an interest in moving up the ranks at work, his employer responded in kind. Fitzgerald Brothers Beverages of Glens Falls allowed Jake to train under his manager, learning the duties to fill in as needed during time off, and when the manager eventually moved out of the area, Jake was a natural fit to step into the role.

two images, one of an employee and the other of an employee highlight wall

Left: Jake Varney; Right: Employee Years of Service Board, goes up to 25+ years.

As of March 2021, Assistant Operations Manager Jake Varney has been with Fitzgerald Bros. for 15 years, and he's only one of several long-term employees. Find out how Fitzgerald Brothers Beverages of Glens Falls recruits and retains a top-notch work force.

Attractive Workplace Incentives Draw In & Keep Employees

pepsi delivery truck

All of Fitzgerald Bros.' 950+ customers are located within 60 miles of their Glens Falls facility.

There's a reason why over half of the employees at Fitzgerald Bros. have been with the company for 10 or more years. This family-owned, sixth-generation Pepsi distribution company has solidified a system of supporting their staff that encourages long-term employment.

While the possibility of career advancement is an attractive quality in a potential employer, if you look at other benefits job-seekers covet, you'll find Fitzgerald Bros. checks off every box: they offer competitive salaries, generous paid time off, health/dental/vision insurance, and a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan.

Long-Term Employees? They've Got Long-Term Employees!

wall recognizing employee years of service

The Employee Years of Service Board showcases both long-term employees and new hires.

Did you know that employees that come on board with a company via an employee referral program are more likely to stay with that company? According to a 2020 LinkedIn article, 45% of employees sourced from internal referrals stay for longer than four years. Fitzgerald Bros.' employee referral program with cash incentives undoubtedly contributes to this workforce that wants to stick around.

And, maintaining long-term employees is crucial for an independent business like Fitzgerald Bros., as a long-term staff generates higher productivity, lends to the stability of the work environment, yields stronger relationships with clients, and helps to develop a solid knowledge base of people who know the nuts and bolts of the business.

Jake is one of several Fitzgerald Bros. employees celebrating a milestone anniversary with an awesome company:

  • Jake Varney, Assistant Operations Manager, 15 years of service as of March 22, 2021
  • Angie Harrington, Office/Human Resource Manager, 25 years of service as of April 1, 2021
  • Greg Ball, Senior Supermarket Sales & Merchandising Representative, 20 years of service as of April 2, 2021
  • Matt Varney, Sales Representative, 20 years of service as of April 27, 2021
  • Greg Chance, Controller, 15 years of service as of May 1, 2021

A Selective Hiring Process + Employee Support = A Cohesive, Unified Team

employee lunch options including burgers and tacos

Fitzgerald Bros. hosts monthly lunches/dinners in recognition of sales achievements.

With great pay and perks, it's no wonder so many individuals in the Glens Falls region want to work at Fitzgerald Bros. So how do they narrow down candidates to find the right fit for positions?

They take their time with hiring decisions to vet out those who are most likely to work hard and fit in seamlessly with the team-oriented culture. Fitzgerald Bros. accomplishes this with the "three Cs" philosophy: Do they care about the Customer? Do they care about their Coworkers? Do they care about the Company?

"Finding employees with these three qualities is equally as important as their ability to drive a forklift, or to know Powerpoint, or to be able to sell our portfolio of brands," General Manager David Petta told us. "So, we value these qualitative components as much as the [quantitative] skill sets in the hiring process."

Are You Open to a New Job Opportunity? Here's What They're Hiring For

split image with two different employees

Read more about the open positions at

Fitzgerald Bros. has been fortunate to experience unprecedented growth recently, which has warranted the need for a more substantial staff. If all the above has you thinking about a mutually beneficial working relationship with this hyper-local company, here's what they're hiring for:

  • Driver Merchandiser
  • Supermarket Sales & Merchandising Representative

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