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Local Gifts You Can Order for Mother's Day

Check out these local gift ideas in and around Glens Falls, and hurry to place your order for Mother's Day!

Featured Mother's Day Gift Ideas

wine learners kit

Adirondack Winery

Is your mom new to wine? Check out Adirondack Winery's new Wine Learners Tasting Kit! Your mom will get to try four different styles of wine and experience a comprehensive wine tasting right from her own home. And, the kit features their award-winning Stargazer red wine.

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necklace that says mom

Close 2 UR Heart

Close 2 UR Heart, based out of The Shirt Factory, has some mom-tastic necklaces to check out for the mother in your life.

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Adirondack Flower

Adirondack Flower of Glens Falls has a lovely collection for Mother's Day on their website of vibrant bouquets.

Juicin' Jar

Juicin' Jar has new spring items at their gift shop in downtown Glens Falls, including Mother's Day cards, earrings, books, scrunchies, and much more.

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