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Northeast Parent and Child Society

530 Franklin Street
Schenectady, NY 12305


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BPD/PTSD/Su!cide Risk Here. Was kicked out because my emotional support cat stopped eating and almost literally starved to death, she is deathly sick and they counted it as a no-show, then the appointment I had after, I ended up "missing" because of THEIR mistake, and they kicked me out for it anyways. Told me my appointment was at 3:20 when the appointment card clearly says 3:40 and when I showed up for the appointment, they told me that my med-manager would not see me that day. Told them about their mistake and they did not care one bit. This is the same place that would not change my therapist even though I told them I was not remotely comfortable seeing her. She makes me very uncomfortable. So now I am left with no way to receive my anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers. What kind of company, whose JOB it is to help people, kicks them out on their own with NO HELP because of THEIR mistake? Deplorable Bullies that don't care whether someone very sick possibly takes their life because of a lack of medication and love and support. That's who... Save your money, don't go here. Events

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