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Kendall & Associates: Organizational Development

Specializing in organizational development for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.
three people near a table looking over a laptop Kendall & Associates has years of experience providing gold standard solutions for organizations.
group of people at desks listening to a presentation The consulting business offers customized workshops to meet your organization's needs.
a woman standing in front of an audience speaking Their services include leadership training, strategic planning, and more.
small group of people near a projector screen for a presentation Attend one of their seminars and workshops for information on a variety of topics.
a person pointing at a piece of paper with a pencil The goal of this organization is to help clients maximize performance to achieve success.
people holding up white puzzle pieces in a circle One of their specialties is assisting with project development.
a hand with a pen writing on paper Begin setting up short and long term goals with the help of Kendall & Associates.
a woman standing outside near a table The consulting organization has helped local businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.
the headshot of a woman in a grey suit jacket Meet Leslie Kendall, the founder of Kendall & Associates.
the logo for kendall and associates Kendall & Associates is a Queensbury, NY-based business.


Kendall & Associates helps organizations develop a path to mission success using proven problem-solving methods that identify and prioritize potential obstacles. We offer workshops in team building, leadership development, change management & more.

Who We Are

Established in 1990, Kendall & Associates is a Queensbury, NY-based organizational development company that assists businesses and individual clients in maximizing performance to achieve mission success. We are committed to providing gold standard solutions and accelerating growth through organizational analysis and planning, leadership and team building, and change management.

The company is owned by Leslie Kendall, who over the years has provided expert services to local businesses, school districts, non-profits, and government agenices. Kendall has degrees in Foreign Language, Education, and Criminal Justice Administration, and she holds certifications in The Deming Management Method and Covey Leadership programs.

How Kendall & Associates Can Help Your Organization

To help our wide array of clients, the professional team at Kendall & Associates specializes in many areas of organizational development. Our services include the following and more:

  • Professional Development Training: Leadership development, team building, customer service, performance management system, change management
  • Organizational Analysis: Cause-Effect Analysis (PriorityPath®) to identify obstacles and enhance organizational success
  • Strategic Planning: Short- and long-term planning, goal setting, and evaluation
  • Proposal & Project Development: Program design and resources
  • Workshops: Customized workshops to meet your organization’s needs

Testimonials From Past Clients

Over the years, we've had many satisfied clients who have shared their experiences in hiring Kendall & Associates to assist them. Here are just a few testimonials from local organizations:

1. “The EOC has received excellent services form Kendall & Associates. She is a really valuable asset to our organization.” - Samuel J. Hall, Chairman, Washington County Economic Opportunity Council

2. “Leslie did a fantastic job providing service to our organization in the areas of customer service and team-building. It is refreshing to have someone come in and work with staff and actually make a difference in their outlook.” - Donna C. Nichols, Executive Director, Moreau Community Center

3. “Leslie did a great job working with the B.I.D. members and helped us develop a meaningful strategic road map for the organization. I’d definitely use her services again.” - Elizabeth Miller, President & CEO, Miller Mechanical Services, Inc.

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